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Find the Right People with Black Pen Recruitment

If you are in the market for quality candidates for jobs in South Africa, you will know that weeding out the least relevant people is a difficult and time-consuming process. You can save time and money on this area of recruitment by engaging the services of Black Pen Recruitment, the leading name in the field for top level businesses in South Africa. They have a team of experts waiting to help you find the very best people on the market place for your foreign foreign language recruitment in South Africa

You can talk to them about your recruitment needs, they headhunt and source for you both at home and abroad German companies in cape town , and they will be happy to provide you with a quality service at sensible rates. Why not have a chat with the team at Black Pen Recruitment now and see how they can help take the strain out of the recruitment process, and find the best candidates for the job.

Specialised Cleaning Services Johannesburg and Cape Town

Are you looking for someone to provide you with cleaning services above and beyond the norm? Perhaps you have tiled floors that need attention, or other types of flooring that may need stripping or polishing? If so, you need an expert to provide a comprehensive, professional service, and for homes and business in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town, the leading name in specialised cleaning services is Extreme Clean. Cleaning services jhb is very much famous now and you can see our poster around the city now.

Extreme Clean can offer you a wide variety of cleaning solutions, including everything from window cleaning to pest control, and do so at affordable prices. So you are looking for best carpet cleaners in your city? we have got the solution for you. They provide a quick, effective service to many satisfied customers, and will attend to your needs in a friendly and courteous manner. Whether you need a one-off cleaning service or wish to arrange a contract, Extreme Clean are the people to help, so fill in the online form now, and they will come back to you with a price you will appreciate. We are the only carpet cleaners jhb, who are satisfying their users as they want their work to be done.

Breakthrough Treatments for Agriculture

It is easy to overlook how important an industry agriculture is in terms of keeping the planet healthy. Farmers are, in many ways, the guardians of the land, and it is their duty to ensure that things remain sustainable. There are many who will tell you that soil, not oil, is the key to the future, and that’s why we welcome products such as AquaClean, the leading micro-biological range of treatments for agriculture, aquaculture and industry. Aquaculture south africa is something everyone needs to think about immediately.

AquaClean has been developed by Blue Planet SA, the South African arm of a major multination company, by experts who are dedicated to research and development in new, breakthrough products. It has many satisfied users in all areas, and is an effective waste treatment product. Right now wastewater treatment is being observed by many scientists deeply. You can find out all you need to know at the Blue Planet SA website, or get in touch and one of the team will be more than happy to help. Biological wastewater treatment systems is spreading awareness among the people of south africa which they needed the most.

Clear Blocked Drains Quickly

Blocked drains are a common problem in homes around Durban. In the home, they can be difficult to detect and may cause damage, while outdoors they produce floods in gardens and elsewhere. Drains become blocked when debris from storms, for example, or material that should not be in the system gets stuck, and it generally takes an expert, someone with the right equipment and knowledge, to fix the problem and get things back to normal. Drain Blasters KZN will sort all of your problems with in couple of minutes.

The answer is to contact Drain Blasters, the leading name in drainage and plumbing solutions in and around the city, and one with an expert team on hand to help with everything from blockage clearing to plumbing installations. Using the latest equipment and techniques, they can have you up and running in no time at all, so fill in the online form for a quote, or get in touch with the Drain Blasters team if you have an emergency. So let us know as we are the best drain blaster company in our business.

Regenesys Provides Expert Tuition

Are you looking for expert business management courses and business school in South Africa, either for yourself or your employees? If so, you need to consider the excellent range on offer from the leading name in Johannesburg, Regenesys. This long-established business school ( BBA ) has already seen more than 100,000 students use its services, and has a reputation for quality courses that are favoured by major corporations throughout the country.

They offer everything from full degree level courses to short learning programmes, each of which is carefully created to provide the range of learning necessary. You can rely on Regenesys to give you or your employees the best qualification available, as they have for many satisfied students so far. Have a closer look at the Regenesys website now for all the information you could possibly need on business management studies, or get in touch and one of their team will be only too happy to answer your questions.

Kilgetty Statutory Services Saves you Time and Money

Some of the many regulatory and statutory requirements for businesses and companies in South Africa can be time consuming and confusing for even the most experienced people, so it can be a great benefit to have access to a company offering expert services in this area.


For large or small business Kilgetty business registration South Africa, making sure you are within all the necessary regulations is essential, and Kilgetty Statutory Services is the company with the expertise to help. No matter the size or type of business you are in they can help, and they will make sure you are correctly registered and listed at all times.

They also offer a full range of boardroom services, including the organisation of meetings, thus offering you the opportunity to continue with what you do best and leave the routine stuff to them. Check out the Kilgetty Statutory Services website now for more information, or get in touch and they’ll be happy to help and give you all the business tips you need.

How To Register A Business In South Africa


Starting a business in South Africa is a big decision individuals have to make in their lives. There is no doubt that people start their own business to enjoy complete freedom and financial independence. However, there are some individuals planning to start a business who lack idea on the many complexities they have to face in the near future. Before anything else, business registration is one of the serious matters that need to be properly dealt with.

But the question is: how to register a business in South Africa?

Steps to Follow When Registering a Business in South Africa

Business registration is an activity that helps convert business ideas to reality. Registering a business automatically elevates the chance of earning more profit. Getting a particular business registered is a highly imperative procedure that business individuals have to undertake to complete the process of business operation.

• Choose a Specific Business Entity
How to register a business? Well you need to start with choosing a specific business entity for your company. This is the first and most important step in getting a business officially registered. Consult a business lawyer for this legal expert can help you decide what business entity suits your company best.
• Pick a Good Business Name
The second step in business registration is picking a good business name. Make sure that you will use an exclusive business name.
• Register the Company or Business Name

Once the procedure of name selection is done completely, it is about time to register your business. You need to secure and complete all the necessary paper works or complete the procedures for business registration. Aside from these, you will also need to pay all the fees and charges involve in authorizing you business. These days, registering a business online is also possible. Registering a business over the internet takes less effort and time. In fact, online business registration is considered one of the easiest and most effective means of doing things.

Simple Checklist when Registering Business

The simple yet important checklist that needs to be followed when starting a particular business and having it registered are as follows:

• Business license that is required by all businesses
• ID number or State Tax ID for businesses with several employees
• Seller’s permit, reseller’s permit or Tax ID. These are essential documents needed by wholesalers or retailers of taxable items
• Articles of agreement and articles of incorporation for Limited Liability Corporation or Company
• Operating agreement for Partnership Agreement or LLC

One must ensure that he or she will comply with all necessary requirements and secure the needed documents for business registration. This help a lot in obtaining a business license prior to starting the business operation. Failure to do so may lead to serious troubles and penalties in the future. If you really have the desire to operate your own business the smooth and legit way, you need to follow the right ways on how to register a business. In such case, you will be able to operate without encountering any problem or legal issue.

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